Book Three

The Flame Quencher

by Carla Fraga

Book three of the five book series, each of which can stand alone.

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“Eskalind must remain a preserve of peace, a beacon for all the world…"

No longer are all Powers benevolent; despite the Long Peace, Eskalind’s royal family is threatened by an unseen foe. The Bladesmith’s Daughter must employ her Scholars and a hidden ally to learn The Powers’ secret rules and impart them to the Flame Quencher, who may be the foundation of the future.


The Bladesmith’s Daughter was certain that not a single book or papyrus had littered her desk when she last occupied her private room. Yet there, perfectly placed in the center of her desk, as if someone had calculated the distance to each edge and laid it in the exact middle, rested a lone sheet of parchment.

She drew closer. It was clean of any quilling.

“I did not leave that here. Who has been in my chamber?” Before she could yank the bellpull, the errant sheet began to glow with the faintest green tinge.

She inhaled sharply. Not certain she could trust her eyes, she glanced about, nervous as a new Apprentice Librarian uncertain where to file a scroll. Then the former Queen reached with a hovering hand to the parchment and nudged it.

Nothing happened.

With a pale finger, she touched it.

Nothing happened.

She lifted it into the shade and inspected its backside.

Nothing happened.

Replacing the sheet upon her desk, directly beneath a bright beam of sunshine, letters, forming words, appeared as though an invisible presence quilled upon the sheet....