by Carla Fraga


Acta Sua
in Eskalind: head (eldest) of a noble house
and thus all was well and good
the last line of Eskalind Legends; note there can be tense variances
the spouse of one’s aunt
the spouse of one’s uncle
Bane’s Root
a slow poison
in Eskalind: nation that shares a border with Eskalind: Kursak, Amkland, Humiksland (later Hudiksland) Eastlant, Thislin, Havadra, Mavold and Gergelt
in Kaymif: type of cart in which guards carry royals
the brother of one’s wife or husband
in Eskalind: the commander of an army Company
the spouse of one’s cousin
in Eskalind: the largest army unit led by a Captain and comprised of at least two Corps, there are 10 companies
in Eskalind: a unit of 7 to 10 ranks of Soldiers commanded by a First Sergeant
the wife of one’s son
also called the Strange Kingdom, ruled by the same family for nearly 3,000 years
Ever Ally
a nation allied with another for many years
the father of one’s husband or wife
in Eskalind: almost always women, but occasionally male
Heir of Eskalind/Heir of the Strange Kingdom
always male, alternate titles for King’s Son of Eskalind
High Captain
in Eskalind: designated leader of all army Captains, functioning as overruling decision maker if the King, King’s Second or Queen are unavailable
former name of Humiksland when ruled by King Hudik, name of country changes with each ruler
ruled by King Humik after the death of his father, King Hudik, the name of country changes with each ruler
ice stone
precious stone mined in Nordak
a wedding
joining babe
in Eskalind: the child whose conception results in a joining between its parents, considered a sign from The Powers the parents were meant for each other
Joining Ceremony
wedding ceremony
Joining Day
wedding day
in Eskalind: ruler of Eskalind from the same family for over 100 generations, designated as “Name King” (example: Farlock King);
in other lands: the title comes first (example: King Hudik of Hudiksland)
King’s Flower
also called King’s Vine, red-vined plant bearing four-petaled white flowers with crimson centers, blooms year-round, located only at King’s Halls and Eskalind’s borderwall
King’s Friend
official name for Lords/Ladies of Eskalind; an ancestor was named King’s Friend
King’s Grandmother
in Eskalind: the grandmother of the King
King’s Halls
in Eskalind: home of Eskalind’s King and royal family for over a hundred generations
King’s House
in Eskalind: an orphanage
King’s Mother
in Eskalind: the mother of the King
King’s Second
in Eskalind: person second in rank to the unjoined King, in the King’s absence, King’s Wife can overrule King’s Second
King’s Son
heir of Eskalind’s King
King’s Wife
in Eskalind: the wife of the King, an alternate title to Queen
highly perfumed flower that grows in purple stalks
Legend Writer
in Eskalind: a writer of the tales of the Kings
light rank
in Eskalind: a group of 8–9 Soldiers
waxy, dark green leafed shrub, used in traditional bouquets of Eskalind brides who are with child
in Eskalind: see Legend Writer
the mother of one’s husband or wife
Merchant Masters
merchants of Guerland Gifted by The Powers with the insight of discerning truthfulness/honesty in a person
Naming Day
in Eskalind: the day both parents ( if living) name their child, naming a child before birth is taboo only in Eskalind; In other lands: Naming Day is the day a child is born, as the name is usually predetermined
the wife of one’s nephew
the husband of one’s niece
spiky plant about adult knee-height with pale yellow, scentless blooms of a trumpet shape, flourishes year round in Eskalind: is typical flower carried by a Strange Kingdom bride if she is not with child
in Eskalind: a former castle
in Eskalind: wife of Eskalind’s King, designated as “Name Queen” (example: Merva Queen);
in other lands, the title comes first
one’s status or, in Eskalind, a group of 8 to 12 Soldiers:
light rank: 8–9 soldiers
full rank: 12 soldiers
to re-marry, a taboo in Eskalind
Records Keepers
in Eskalind: judges and keepers of records pertaining to the citizenry
the husband of one’s daughter
the sister of one’s wife or husband
Scholars’ Mistress/Master
head of the Scholar Spies
in Eskalind: lowest army officer rank, commands 8 to 12 Soldiers
show one’s feet
in Eskalind: when a woman bares her feet to a man, it is a sign she would take him as a lover
in Eskalind: an adult citizen of lowest rank in the military
in Eskalind: a non-adult of lowest rank in the military
Story Teller
in Eskalind: a person who performs the Legends of the Kings, often at a tavern or Inn
Story Telling Circle
in Eskalind: a designated area set aside with pillows or chairs for listeners attending to a Story Teller
Strange Kingdomer
Strange Kingdom
Swift Rider
Eskalind letter and document conveyers, stations every 10 to 25 miles in Eskalind
always used with sexual connotations; active voice (to take a lover) has no violent connotations, but passive voice (to be taken) means raped
a tavern keeper
tea thistle
a plant native to Eyfia, dried tea thistles can be rehydrated to make a savory tea, or in larger quantities to make a filling soup stock.
Traveling Players,
in Eskalind: Traveling Players are silent, pantomiming familiar and famous Legends of Eskalind’s Kings;
in other lands: actors who perform spoken tales
trusted man
in Havadra: the most trusted inferior of a man of high rank, a top deputy
armor for one’s forearms