by Carla Fraga

About the story

The Strange Kings have ruled Eskalind in an unbroken line of father to only child—always a son—for nearly 3,000 years. Eskalind’s royal family and citizens are charged by The Powers with keeping the peace amongst Eskalind’s border nations. In exchange, Eskalind enjoys prosperity and receives The Powers’ granting of safety and shelter from war and ruin. But if Their protection weakens or changes, Eskalind’s way of life would be forever changed.

Book One, The Bladesmith’s Daughter. When an injured Eskalinder stumbles into her home, a borderlander woman finds The Powers may have set an impossible new future before her. But will They stay true to Their ancient promises?

Book Two, Doubt Will Come. Change is afoot, and Eskalind’s royal family must use ways both old and new to preserve their status. New Gifts will be revealed, for The Powers are at work.

Book Three, The Flame Quencher. Eskalind’s royal family and the Scholars strive to maintain Eskalind’s peace set by The Powers long ago, for no longer are all Powers benevolent. The Bladesmith’s Daughter and the Flame Quencher will learn Their secret rules and more, and must forge a way to counteract what comes next.

Two more books are planned in the series. While each book can stand alone, together they form the pieces of the puzzle that is The Powers’ plan.